Welcome to the Pittsboro Raw Honey Apiary

We are a small apiary with 14 hives on our own property located in rural Pittsboro North Carolina, far away from chemical and pesticide treated farms, Our honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered,,, Just as nature intended it !

Very limited production - 
We have a small number of naturally sustainable colonies, we harvest small quantities  once or twice a year

Truly Raw Honey - 
We do not boil or heat our honey, our hives are in the middle of a hevy wooded area where the bees truly work and make wholesome honey  

Nothing added & Nothing Removed - 
We do not add any preservatives, color or flavor

All Natural and Wild - 
Our bees gather honey from the natural environment, we do not transport  or "sugar feed" our bees

Hand Turned - The old fashioned way
We hand turn honey to avoid any potential heating normally caused by extraction pumps

Happy Bees = Good honey
We check on our bees at least three times a week to ensure that they are happy & the hive temperature and conditions are just right. Our bees have easy and unlimited access to filtered running well water, this is a very important factor that is often overlooked by "commercial honey farmers". The happiness of our bees is very important to us and we insure that it is achieved with wholesome beekeeping, our honey bees thank us by making fantastic honey.

  " I have traveled throughout much of the planet; including all but one of its continents and a large number of the world's main Islands.  In my 57 years here and all that I have seen and done, I have never in my life before, tasted honey that good  It's amazing!  Thank you for the experience "
- Charles  R.

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